Island Lopud

Island Lopud is located West from Dubrovnik and it is most beautiful part of Elaphite Islands.

With more than 2584 sunshine hours per year, Lopud is an island of true Adriatic summer feel. It is full of Mediterranean and subtropical vegetation with citrus gardens and amazing cypress and pine parks. Its beauty and uniqueness are inversely proportional to its size. Considering the area of 4.63 square kilometres, we can easily say that the beauty here is overpopulated. Island Lopud has 11.5 km of coastline, of which 1.20 km are marvellous sandy beaches.

Since no cars are allowed on the Island, it makes it a natural paradise where you can truly unwind and relax while exploring its superb ambiance. The island has one settlement which is regularly served by ferry lines.

Island Lopud has a long and interesting history, with its culture and architecture still recalling ancient times. Numerous remains of Greek, Roman, and Slavic buildings, more than 30 remains of pre-Romanesque chapels and churches, a vast number of Dubrovnik aristocracy summer manors and several monasteries can be found nowadays.

We will leave you with a quote of one Croatian poet from the 18th Century: “Can life be better anywhere else? Only a crazy person would come to our shores and then leave when they could stay here forever”.

Nekretnine Hrvatska