Interior design

Whether you are living in your property for a long time or you are buying a new house or an apartment, you are seeking to maximize usability, adapting the space to your own style. We help property owners to change their space adding new value to it. Knowledge of design, along with personal and easy access to the clients, makes this our new service. There is interior design for every budget. You can choose to design the whole property at once, or room by room. Over the time, your home would be exceptional, just what you envisioned and what you deserve. 

Designing your property

Designing is not the same as styling. Interior design is concentrated on improving the space according to the personal taste and needs of the owner who lives in it or will live in it. Styling of properties, on the other hand, focuses on the interior that would appeal to many potential clients, with the purpose of sale, lease or tourist rental of the same. Interior designing doesn’t always involve renovation of the property. Sometimes it is only layout of furniture or adding few new elements, new lighting, some walls painting or adding wallpapers, sometimes just refreshing and repairing. In some cases, renovation is necessary, especially if kitchen and bathrooms are out of date.

Seven basic elements of Interior Design: Colour, Form, Light, Line, Pattern, Texture & Space.

Interior design guidelines

Considering every service here must start with viewing the property, at the moment, we are limited to Dubrovnik area and neighboring Islands.

Home visit

If you are seeking for new design, we could meet you at your property. There, we can discuss what kind of service you want, make measurements and photos and agree on style and desirable changes. We make plans together related to deadlines and budget. Few meetings in office for consultations and agreement on colors, materials, necessary work, furniture, custom made pieces and else. We provide you with several blueprints to choose from. This service is best suited for the empty spaces or the property with outdated design. Services are delivered by our team and partners with long experience in construction industry, renovation, final works, painters and others. With dedication, knowledge and personal approach, we help our clients to set up their own property in optimal condition with new fresh look.

Best impression usually happens by combining styles!

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