Property styling

We help property owners to put their properties in optimum condition on market, to be better presented to potential clients and sell or rent them faster for a better price. Knowledge of marketing, interior design, together with personal and easy access to the client, makes styling a new service of our agency.
With a small investment to great results!

Styling your property

Styling is not the same as interior design. Interior design concentrates on keeping the space according to personal taste and needs of the owner.

Property styling, on the other hand, focuses on the interior that would appeal to many potential clients, with the purpose of sale or lease of the same. It's all about complete presentations of the residence to potential buyer, beginning with the first impression. Internet is the first place where potential clients look for a house or apartment. Pictures of chic and modern designed properties are always attractive. The higher the ratings of your property on the internet means more potential clients interested in it.
When a potential client comes to see the property, it must be at its best. Here, we can help. In order to produce better results and higher profits you don’t need to do a renovation, but we work with what is available, holding the costs to a minimum. Property styling services are not only for home or apartment owners who want to sell or rent their property, but also for investors, who need styling for experimental apartment or house.


Home visits – we go through your property and advise you in detail about the changes that we think should be done to it before sold or rented. Then you decide if you want to do those changes by yourself or hire us to do them for you.
Styling advice - client receives a written recommendation and more detailed advice regarding the styling the property for rent or sale. This service is best suited for the empty spaces or the property with outdated styling, properties that already sit for a long time and don’t attract the interest of buyers.
Complete styling services - fully perform or supervise the performance of styling properties from start to finish. For the client, this service works on the principle of "turnkey".

Our team with over 15 years of experience in selling and renting properties has experience in presenting properties for rent or sale. With this enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge and personal approach, we help our clients to set up their property in optimal condition.

Styling property?

Staging property is a process of preparation and presentation of the same for sale or rent. It is a systematic and coordinated methodology in which

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knowledge of sales, renovations and principles of creative design applied to attract a buyer. Regardless of whether somebody lives in property or it is empty, property styling is recommended before advertising. This is also recommended for those properties that have a long history in the market remained unsold.

 Why would you ask styling for your home?

There are many reasons why the property styling works:
- it is a valuable tool that helps to increase the perceived value of your home. Professionally decorated properties attract more interested parties, sales are 80% faster and achieve 6-10% higher price;
- the internet is the first contact that potential buyers have with the property. Stylishly furnished house gives better images that attract more interested parties;
- property stylist is qualified to inspect the property with a "professional eye" and to make important changes, which are difficult for owner to realize;

- investment in property styling is less than the first price reduction at sale and will give added value to the property.

What is the cost of property styling?

Price varies depending on whether you live in the property or it is empty. Price is also affected by the size, number of rooms as well as other factors. General investment in styling is much smaller than the first price reduction at sale and it will give added value to the property. There are options for every budget.
If your home will be used during the sale, the best is to invite us to perform consulting related to the property styling. We will pass through your property and explain in detail everything that we think needs to be done to put the property at sale quickly and for the highest price. We will go through your questions before we get to your home and help you choose the services you need.